Intergalactic Distances (Everytime)

Ill come back soon
I know ill regret leaving
You’ll be fine my love
You’ll survive the storm

Seperated by a physical distance
As i recollect each instance
I see her charming face
Our photos stacked in my briefcase

I told you ill come soon
I regret leaving in the first place
You’re brave my love
You can survive anything

Everytime i see that smile
A little part of me comes alive
Everytime i see the laughter
My body yearns my partner
Everytime i feel your skin
The longer i feel its been
Since we’ve made love

I hate to say this again
But ill regret leaving again
I leave you stronger than before
You’re invincible to the storm

Its harder this time
To be away and not whine
I reach my briefcase
The photos, not a trace.

Hello, here i am
I came sooner than before
For i need my prints to go
Hello, why are you crying
Are you tired of being
Strong for to too long?

Everytime i see you cry
A little part of me just dies
Everytime i see that frown
My body yearns to comfort you
You take your clothes off
Slip into nirvana
Its been a long time
Since we’ve made love

Good morning beautiful
Forget the goodbyes
Forget the hellos
For im always going to be here
For you


A Bonehead’s Ballad

Crawling back into your arms breathless
My face caked with the ashes of burnt letters
They stick to my skin tingling my nerve ends
Let her deal with it, “let her”

Said the screaming faces of the statues
Of the archangel raphael, the angel of war
Im not giving up although i am but confused
Ill just sleep in your arms as i lay on the floor

Let my body collide with yours
Sending sparks into the surround
Let my energy gravitate towards yours
Because to you i am bound
As we explode like a supernova

Crawling back to my bed breathless
As i write these lyrics as an attempt to mend
Mistakes i have made, i’ve made a mess
I pray you’ll understand and transcend

The screaming faces of the statues
They’re not screaming any more
I am no longer confused now that
Your hands are gripping my core

Let my flesh collide with yours
Sending sparks onto the ground
Let my conscience sink into yours
Because by us, we will be found
As we explode like a supernova

The dark clouds start fading
And the sun is shining upon us
Im looking into your eyes
Shining like opals
Im looking at your tiny feet
Waltzing towards me
Im looking at your face
The stimulating smile
Washes my pain away

Let my body collide with yours
Sending sparks into the surround
Let my flesh collide with yours
Sending sparks onto the ground
Let my energy gravitate towards yours
Because to you i am bound
Let my conscience sink into yours
Because by us, we will be found
After we explode like a supernova


The stormy night has come to an end
A new day has begun
I see a silouhette from my bed
I feel the need to run

Here i am, In front of you
I see you tearing up
And i wait for a cue
As the teardrop runs across my chest
Her hair, a mess, but my mess
Her soul begs for forgiveness

The sun shines against my eyes
Her laughter piercing the morning calm
Sipping on tea with apple pies
Her fingers meet my palm

This is how you atone?
I’ll adore you anyway
I’d kiss you anyway
I’d love you more everyday

The sun is going down
The night has come
Awakening your demons

Here you are, in front of me, just in case
I see the glass crashing on the acrylic walls
And i wait for the broken shards shear my face
As time slows down before my eyeballs
Her mind is a mess, but it’s my mess
Her soul rages, fearless

Another stormy night comes to an end
A new day has begun
I see the same silouhette from my bed
And feel the same need to run


‚ÄčIts the first thing in my mind
When i wake up from sleep
Dreaming of an exotic world to find
Awakening from the deep

Its the first thing in my mind
As i notice the glow in your eyes
A drop of resentment, hard to find
A little cherub cries

Something new everyday
Same sky same sun same moonlight
Every day a snowflake
Distinctive in shape and size

Never less
Never inconsistent
Innocent euphoria
Every moment

Better everytime
Like scotch that ages to be fine
The taste adored by few
Appericiated by few
Admired by few
Treasured by few

It rages in my framework
Magnitudes of the endless sky
Falling into the mellow purple light
To find your arms break my fall
There is no reason to fight
For its perfect, and that’s all.

Find You

‚ÄčThe fire consumes me

As my day starts 

Venom gushes through my veins

As i reach the city so far

How are you today

The sun’s down the streets abuzz

As i see the reflection of sunrays

Inside your eyes as it blinds me

Distracting me from all that rage

I fall into your arms traquil

Detoxified of hate

I breath the fresh air

And it smells of love

You smell of love

How i am today

Its all because of you

Your shimmering eyes

Bleed slient droplets of affection

The teardrop flows for miles

Forging flora through its course

The memories haunt me

The angels, they want me

I surrender my body

It feels like a dose of poppy

Death is inevitable

But life is everlasting

Im waiting to see you the first time

Again in this new body

These new surroundings

These new lives

And all i wish for

Is to find you.

Id – The inner child of the devil

There’s darkness in the street lights
There’s light in your messy fights
There’s a motive behind but
There’s no answer
Surrounded by grass
A walk in the dark
Creature of the night
Followed me like a knight
Im running away
Far away
But coming back to the start
Only this time
With less will power
And the road seems longer
Every time these endless loops
The eagle swoops
From the tall oak trees
Fearless, like a warrior
The savage beast aghast
Crumbles like a skyscraper
I look into her eyes
They seem oddly familiar
The curtains fall
I see my beloved
My beloved beast
I see the light leave her eyes
As i try to fix her slashed body
And hear her wounded cries
The eagle laughs
From inside my spirit
The child killed her
It was gruesome
Id is gruesome


Everyday you engulf yourself with smoke

Joint after joint, toke after toke

Everyday you live a new life

And forget the pain of the steel knife

But little do you realise
Its still cutting through you
While you look at the skies
Its still burning you
While you’re high as a kite
Its still killing you
Why is there no surprise?

It’s not just killing me
He said

Its shedding me


Its reawakening me


Born again, a strange me

Are you sure?


Arent you afraid?


Then what are you?